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March 2017

Ali Lomazzo

I joined Body Rock in July of 2016.

My short term goals are to be “wedding ready” for my big day in November. My long term goals are to grow muscle and lean out. I would love to build my shoulders and booty, because who doesn’t want a nice booty? I just want to maintain healthy eating habits and a 5-6 day a week workout regimen.

My fitness journey since I have joined Body Rock has been challenging to say the least. I started with just doing classes as many time as possible and now I train two days a week with Tina along with getting to classes when my schedule allows. I have had trouble in the getting to classes due to my crazy schedule but now I block time of for the classes that I love because I take as my “me time.’ I also had a hard time with the intimidation factor when I first started. Walking into a gym where everyone knows each other and you are the new kid was scary. But luckily, everyone was so welcoming that I felt comfortable right away.

As of right now my wedding is my motivation. I really just want to feel my best that day and during all of the other events that will be happening. Long term, my progress is what inspires and pushes me when I want to stop. Every week I notice new muscle or new strength and its such an awesome feeling knowing that your hard work pays off.

Body Rock has become a second family for me. Tina especially has been a huge part of me reaching my goals. Every class and every training session she pushes me so hard. When I want to drop that weight, she says just the right thing to make me keep going. Every instructor at Body Rock pushes you and makes sure you get the most out of your workout. On the days when I don’t want to get to class, I think about all of the people I won’t get to see and workout with that day. It is more than just a workout for me, it’s also time for me to see some people that make my week light up. I really don’t know where I would be without this place.

Do it! I am always telling my friends and family to join. If you are intimidated or feel like you aren’t in enough shape to join, get that out of your head. Body Rock is filled with people of all different shapes and sizes and all different fitness levels. We are a family and we push each other. I can’t tell you how many times I have has people cheer me on in class when they can see that I want to give up. We will always push and help each other. Stop second guessing it and just do it.

Michaela Grundy

When did you first join Body Rock?
I joined body rock about 2 months ago!

What are your short and long term health and fitness goals?
My short term health goal is to do well and lose weight during the bootcamp, as well as long term. As far as fitness goals I can’t get over how good I already feel and how much more strength I have since starting body rock.

Briefly describe your fitness journey and any obstacles or challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Since I was young I always was over weight and haven’t always enjoyed exercise, I had gastric bypass surgery in May 2014 and lost a good amount of weight, but I’m so happy I found somewhere that I can now enjoy exercising, and it is such an inspiring environment as well!

What motivates/inspires you daily?
Honestly, every single coach and person that comes to Body Rock! I think the coaches do an excellent job with inspiring people as well as showing them no one is perfect. They are absolutely amazing to work with and are also wonderful people.

How has Body Rock helped you to work towards your goals?
Body Rock had helped me love exercising again and how to feel better about myself inside and out.

Words of advice for someone who may be thinking about joining Body Rock?

Definitely do it!!! It is so much fun and you will never ever be bored with a workout!!


Mandy came to her first class with a friend and fellow Body Rocker a few months ago. Since then her face can be seen in a class, killing her workouts, all week long! Mandy was hesitant about stepping out of her comfort zone and joining the Body Rock family but she quickly learned the importance of putting herself and her health first. She’s a teacher, wife and mother to an amazing little boy! It’s been so exciting for us to watch Mandy transform both physically and emotionally and we couldn’t be happier that she chose and trusted us to help her along this journey. Mandy, you’ve been such an inspiration. Keep up the amazing work! You totally ROCK!


Christie Holmes came to Body Rock in June of 2015 looking to make a lifestyle change and my goodness has she blown us away with her drive and determination. She started with personal training sessions with Coach Christine and her mom twice a week. Christie quickly worked her way up to 3+ classes a week in addition to those private training sessions. To date, she has lost over 150lbs and shows no sign of slowing down. Christie is an amazing mother who has inspired so many other moms and clients to take some time for themselves and really lead by example. We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see all your continued progress! You are the epitome of what Body Rock is about. Thanks for trusting us all to be a part of your journey. You ROCK!