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March 2017

Justin Anzeveno

Justin started on his weight loss journey in August 2014 where he was at his heaviest of 275lbs. He was unhappy, lacked energy, motivation and confidence. Justin started taking group classes with Peter Mollo and the weight started to come off. The game changer for him was when Peter introduced him to the Advocare 24 day challenge where he saw amazing results! Justin started at BodyRock in May and has not looked back. Since starting on his journey almost 2 years ago he’s lost 70lbs, and is now training for his first fitness competition in November with Team Body Rock (Transformation Divison) under the guidance of Nicole Costa and Peter Mollo.

Justin’s motivation is the competition in November but more importantly to be healthy for his little nephew, Lucas. He wants to be able to be around to see all his firsts and all of his accomplishments and his successes. Lucas means the absolute world to Justin!

Way to be such a role model, Justin! I’m sure your nephew is so proud of you. You are everything Body Rock stands for and we couldn’t be more excited to have you as part of the family.

Elizabeth Losiewicz – Kathleen Sullivan

Oh how we just LOVE this mother-daughter duo. Week after week they come in and just kill all of their workouts. They’ve progressed so much over the past few months and we couldn’t be any more proud of them. Together they push and motivate each other and bring out the absolute best in one another. Their hard work is definitely showing and paying off! Keep up the amazing work ladies!!