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  • Macronutrient Goals
  • Calorie Goals
  • Meal Plans
  • Community Access
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Single Class
  • 90-Day Plan
  • Weight Progressions
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Consultation
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10 Classes
  • Competition Prep
  • Personal Training
  • Private Sessions
  • Advanced Calesthenics
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Unlimited Classes
  • Assess Goals
  • Review Nutrition
  • No Commitment
  • Group Lessons
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Meet the Owners

Body Rock RI Coach - Nicole Costa
Nicole Costa Age: 25
Specialization: Competition Prep
Body Rock RI Coach - Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson Age: 42
Specialization: Wrestling
Body Rock RI Coach - Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg Age: 36
Specialization: Competition Prep
Body Rock RI Coach - Bar Paly
Bar Paly Age: 30
Specialization: Running

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