I AM BODY ROCK – ALISON 2016-12-20T15:01:32-05:00




The first time I stepped into Body Rock nearly two years ago it was for a nutrition consultation with Kayla.  I hopped on the 24 day Challenge.  I lost 6 lbs, 6 1/2 inches.  I loved the challenge, and continued my weigh-ins for an additional 6 months.  During that time, I took a class (a free class pass, given to every first-timer).  I had an amazing experience.  I ended up taking a few months off from Body Rock, still running and going to the gym.  But there were signs everywhere pointing me to head back to BR- I absolutely LOVED the way I felt after I took that first class at BR.  I can run 9 miles, lift weights,P90X-but nothing compares to the workout and the determination I have when faced with a good ol’ ass-whooping Total Body Training, Body Blast or Build a Booty class.  The energy, the variance of every class, the love you feel from Kayla, Nicole and Christine-it’s just unbeatable.  After going to classes I would go home to my four-year old son, Sam, and my husband, Matt-they would ask how class was, and I would reply “I’m buying another class pass!”  So after months of asking Matt to join he-he finally agreed!  The first class he took was Build a Booty…and he was hooked from the first minute.  We  attend attend classes together, Sam in-tow, and it feels fantastic knowing how hard we worked out, leaving each and every class felling better, faster, stronger-together!
I grew up, the youngest of four children, in a single mom household (my dad passed when I was 7).  We struggled and didn’t have money for much.  I would eat to numb the stressful life we lived.  Hence, I’ve always dealt with being heavy.  When I was 15 I was heavily involved with karate.  I found an outlet to let myself feel free of worries, I felt powerful and life seemed more manageable.  As I continued into my adult years, I continued to enjoy fitness, whether it was walking, running, lifting weights or bike riding.  I couldn’t help but want that same euphoric feeling (as I did while taking karate for 4 years).  I’ve never felt better than when I’m exercising-and BR helps me achieve that awesome feeling.  When I work out it is a calming, stress-relieving, empowered feeling.  I highly believe that every person-woman/man, skinny/heavy, young/older should give Body Rock a try.  I promise you will never forget or regret!
At 36 years old, I feel strong and also determined to maintain this lifestyle for myself, Matt and Sam.
Thank you, Body Rock-you ROCK!