I am Body Rock – Kristen Perotta 2016-12-20T15:06:31-05:00



Four and a half years ago I was in the process of losing weight. I was hitting road blocks and really needed to get in shape with cardio and weights. My sister told me that her friend Nicole opened a place called Body Rock and felt it would be a perfect for me. She made plans to go with me to their DYAO class. Unfortunately the night we were to go she had to cancel. For some reason I went on my own, something I would never do. I walked in, looked around and immediately felt at ease and that was even before Nicole and Kayla came over to introduce themselves to me and made me feel welcome. I went to the back of the class and did the best I could. What I saw around me, where girls that got along so well and each of them made me feel comfortable and told me that I would pick up the moves in no time. After class, I not only bought a class card to try more classes, I booked training sessions with Nicole and a nutrition package. She listened to my goals and had no doubt I would get there. I left there on cloud 9! I was 44 at the time and I had danced with girls half my age! What Nicole and Kayla do not know is that on my way home that night I called my sister and told her that I actually went on my own. I spoke one hundred miles an hour because I was so excited about it. I truly felt I found a home, filled with special people. With my excitement I did not realize I was driving all over the road, I didn’t realize I drove thru a stop sign and didn’t put my blinker on when I went to take a turn. I only realized this when I was pulled over by a police officer (also another first in my life that night). He told me what I did and I explained to him that I had “just come from a place where I worked out with girls half my age and that I did really well and that I joined so I could keep going and …………….I kept yapping, and yapping very fast with a huge smile on my face. He kept looking at me with this look like I was out there, but thankfully, he let me go and wished me luck).

My initial goal was to tone up a bit, build more endurance and make my diet better. Within 5 months, Nicole got me into the Best shape of my life!! I was in awe not only of her but of myself as well. She had the confidence I didn’t have. I became obsessed; in a good way; I wanted to raise the bar higher, not because I felt that I had to fit in with all the competitors and their goals, but because I wanted it for Me! I loved how I felt both mentally and physically. The compliments from every girl in their warmed my heart. The best part, I knew without a doubt that they genuinely meant them. You tell me where you can go that girls actually compliment other girls. Body Rock again made me feel that I belonged to something special. In there, you are surrounded by people that lift you up, that encourage you when you feel your about to drop, they recognize you seem to be having an off day and they will do whatever it takes to make it better. It still amazes me each and every time how well we all get along as if we have known each other forever. To this day, I hate when I have to leave after classes. Sometimes I show up just to be surrounded by all the positive energy in there.

In the classes, you are told to go at your own pace, at first I tried to keep up with everyone so that they couldn’t tell that I wasn’t as good. I realized by the end of the class it was not necessary at all for me to do that. No one watched you and if they did, it was to correct the form you may have been doing that was wrong. I also realized that it is ok if you must ask a question on what we are doing next and how, because I am not the only one asking. I learned they started out as I did also. I learned that we laugh when we mess up and it’s ok, we laugh with each other, not at each other.
I did have a setback a year or so back. Even with that, Body Rock again stood by my side. I learned that we all face that at one point or another and that they have the same struggles as I do. It took me a while to get back on track, but I never ever felt out of place, defeated or looked like I wasn’t good enough. I am proud to say that I am stronger this time around and again the compliments I get, I beam when I hear them. That’s another thing I learned there. How to take compliments, how to be confident, how to be strong, positive, how to let things go and mostly how to be a better version of me; not what others expected me to be! I swear Nicole saved me, although she doesn’t like when I say that. She tells me I did it. I will argue that it was with her caring, knowledge and compassion that got into my head and helped me grow into the person I am now. For that I am eternally grateful. I have made wonderful friends, actually I consider them all my sisters; ok – maybe a mom to most. And in turn, I can see they feel the same, except they don’t see me as older than them, they see me as a person.

Another thing that amazes me still and makes me smile is that when I set a new goal, I blast right thru it. I can do things I never thought I could—ninjas, sprints, box jumps, run stairs, sprints, bosu squats while holding a kettlebell, deadlifts with a bar and weights on it, wreck bags and so much more. I had asthma all my life. What Nicole and Kayla also don’t know is that it has been dormant for a while and that is because I eat healthy and workout. The doctor said my breathing is really good now. I thank Body Rock for that as well.

If I had to tell you my favorite part about Body Rock, my answer is EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING!! Every single part about it. They created a place that is second to none. I think we all feel that we are very lucky these two had the vision to create what they did. When I tell someone about Body Rock and they try to say that they won’t fit in, or heard stuff about the girls all being in perfect shape – I immediately go into a mode and tell them everything I can about it. I feel like I am a walking billboard. It is just that I love that place so much and how it makes me feel that I wish they would come just once and see for themselves.

I don’t know what I would do without Body Rock. It is an important part of my life, I shine there, I feel all the love, support, passion, positivity and drive from everyone there! I can tell you that my husband and kids see a huge difference in me, not just physically, but mentally as well. So take it from this now 48 year old…………you are never too old to get yourself in shape!!