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It all started when my doctor told me my cholesterol was a bit high that’s when I told myself I needed to change my health, so I gave up dairy, junk food and anything that had the bad cholesterol in it and 3 months later I dropped my cholesterol by 50 points, so I kept it going. I completed 2 5k’s and a mud race and never felt better. Not only did my fitness clients inspire me to push what my body needed, but I felt it was important for myself. At first I wasn’t working out at Body Rock, I was at the local gym and felt I needed a bit more challenge to be honest I was a bit nervous if my body can handle such workouts that Nicole and Kayla offer. The first day was tough, heck the first half hour was hella tough. I ended up lying on the floor in the office eating Glucose tabs and peanut butter crackers, but I got up a bit later and completed the build a booty class. After I left class not really sure how I got down the stairs from the insane squat workouts I was super excited and had a huge smile on my face while I was driving home.

“Comfort Zone” we all know how hard it is to break out of it, but if you can break out of your comfort zone then Body Rock is a really great environment to gain some muscle and help you trim down. I’m really happy with what is happening to my body, I’m noticing change in places I want to see change. I’m more active these days and I strongly believe that staying in shape and caring about number one first is the key to a healthy and happy life.

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