Jessica Leach

When did you first join Body Rock? I have been with Nicole since before Body Rock became Body Rock. I started training with her 7 years ago. So I guess you can say since the beginning.

What are your short and long term health and fitness goals? Short term goal is to continue taking classes at body rock and maintaining my transformation. Long term goal, I plan on competing in Nov of 2017. My goals are to get in the best shape for the show and then just maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Briefly describe your fitness journey and any obstacles or challenges you’ve had to overcome?I have known Nicole, Jenn and Kayla for years, steaming back from Middle school and cheerleading. I reached out to Nikki 7 years ago when she was on the first floor at Academy Ave.At the time I was my heaviest and looking to learn how to get healthy. I was in a both physically and mentally abusive relationship for 10 years at that point and had extremely low self esteem. I lost 20lbs, got out of the relationship and continued to educate myself and work hard towards other goals. I had my daughter in july of 2015 and was back up to a weight that was my new heaviest. Six months after having my daughter I jumped on my 2nd 24 day challenge but it was very challenging because I was still nursing my daughter. I also got the flu 8 days in but stuck it out and lost 13lbs on the challenge and since then I have been working hard towards getting fit and healthy. I did the 12 week body rock bootcamp transformation. I surprised myself with the results and now I am looking forward to competing in my first fitness competition show.

What motivates/inspires you daily? My daughter Aliviana and all the people that my path has crossed because of Body Rock.

How has Body Rock helped you to work towards your goals? Everyone that works for or works out at Body Rock has inspired and motivated me to push myself harder than I ever have.

Words of advice for someone who may be thinking about joining Body Rock? I tell at least 1 person a day about Body Rock. I tell them to try! The first class is free so there is nothing to lose. The biggest regret anyone can have is not trying something they are thinking about doing. This is why I want to compete. I have always wanted to try it but I am scared. Fear stops us from going after a lot of things in life, the fear of failure. It is extremely hard to get out of your comfort zone but I tell anyone that is thinking about trying body rock that we all start somewhere the point is we have to start.