Brendan Rappoport

When did you first join Body Rock?
-I Joined BR in June of 2016

What are your short and long term health and fitness goals?
-Short term goals are to maintain my current weight.
-Long term goals are gain 10lbs of muscle and maintain a healthy diet.

Briefly describe your fitness journey and any obstacles or challenges you’ve had to overcome?
-Started at a weight of 202 when I joined BR and started the 24 day challenge. Lost 18lbs on the challenge and then another 12 lbs over the next 30 days.

What motivates/inspires you daily?
-Seeing everyone else at BR transforming is all the motivation I need.

How has Body Rock helped you to work towards your goals?
-BR has changed my life! It has taught me hard work and self-discipline. You have to put in the work nobody else will do it for you!

Words of advice for someone who may be thinking about joining Body Rock?
-Stop thinking and join now, it was the best decision I ever made!