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March 2017


When I walked into BodyRock on October 10, 2015 for the Total Body Workout, I had lost 22 pounds just dieting, but I knew I had to incorporate exercise not only for my weight loss, but for my overall well-being. The class was really tough. I posted on FB that morning “I just finished an hour of total body training with a room full of size ones. Not bad for this middle aged guy! Will definitely return for more abuse!” I was so proud of the fact that I kept up with the class. Then I went to a Shake Your A$$ Off class and loved it. I love to dance and this was a way to get a really great workout and have fun at the same time.

Since joining, I try to go at least 3 times a week to a fitness class at Body Rock. I can go in, work hard and then go home and relish in my accomplishment. My body is changing. I love seeing that I’m getting slimmer and more tighter and I love that my endurance is improving all the time. Today I brought Mitch to TBW class and the energy was great, lively and the DJ.. so fun. I was proud of him that he kept up and actually enjoyed it! I took advantage of the year pass, so I’m in it for the long-haul. I’m looking forward to seeing how I have changed a year from now. Thank you two for acknowledging me last week for BodyRocker of the month! It was really a boost for me to hear that! Kayla and Nicole, you do great work for a lot of people! What I think is so important for me is that you provide a safe, comfortable space free of judgement, free of competition and full of great people who support each other.


There’s a quote on our wall at Body Rock that represents exactly why we chose to feature Jackie this month: “Sometimes, the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step.” We are so proud of Jackie for taking that initial step into our Body Rock home. She was scared, nervous, intimidated, assumed she didn’t belong and now….you should see her!!! Down 10 lbs, feeling more confident, dancing with us every Tuesday and Thursday night, smiling more and living a healthier life! We’re so incredibly proud of this woman for taking charge of her life again and working towards the person she wants to be. We’ve seen such a positive change in her and are so excited to continue following her journey. Thank you for trusting us Jackie!


Many of our clients know Sherie Salvatore as Nicole Costa’s sister, but this month we know her as our pick for Body Rocker of The Month March 2016!! After having two beautiful little girls and struggling, like most moms do, to find balance between work, family and Mommy Time, Sherie finally found her groove and is transforming right before our eyes! She kicked off her transformation with Advocare’s 24 Day Challenge, shedding nearly 15 lbs and has not stopped since. She’s a regular face now at Body Rock and has shown such dedication and discipline!! “It’s been so rewarding to see my sister smile more, have more energy and be more involved in Body Rock. When she puts her mind to something, she works harder than anybody I know. I’m so incredibly proud of her.” says Coach Costa about her sister Sherie. If you see her around Body Rock go ahead and give her a big high five!! Congratulations Sherie! We’re all so proud of you!


Kris has been part of the Body Rock family since the very beginning. She has always been a huge part of our support system and encouraged us every step of the way. Kris is a wife and an amazing mom to her two boys.

Recently Kris decided to throw all excuses out the window and focus a little more on herself. She committed to our 16 week transformation program and her dedication and commitment over the past 15 weeks are directly reflected in her results. Kris has completely transformed her body and is in the best shape of her life! Outside of her physical transformation she has gained so much confidence in herself and we truly couldn’t be more proud. She’s inspiring so many others to take that first step to becoming the best version of themselves. Thank you for always trusting and believing in us, Kris. It’s been incredible watching your growth. Keep killing it!