Kristie Belmont

When did you first join Body Rock? –> summer 2015

What are your short and long term health and fitness goals? –> My short term goal is to build more muscle mass and continue working on my gains, I have areas that need improvement. my long term goal would be stay fit and healthy to keep up with my little girl and continue to improve my health so I will be around longer for her. I want her to grow up knowing that her health is most important and fitness can have so many positive effects on your life.

Briefly describe your fitness journey and any obstacles or challenges you’ve had to overcome? –> Summer 2015 I was 200 lbs. and only 5’1. I was un-healthy with a 3 month old and had no energy. Returning back to back to work was very hard, I had to purchase a whole new wardrobe in the largest size I had ever purchased in my life, it was then I know I had to make a change. Focused on improving my eating habits, and got to BR as much as I possibly could with an infant and full time job – pushed myself more than I ever thought I could, took classes I was afraid of… but I did it! Summer 2016 I had an accident and almost broke my tailbone – I couldn’t work out for a month and as soon as I began to re-cover from that My family and I suffered a house fire – I didn’t let that stop me, even though I was going through a rough time I decided to join BRs 1st ever Boot camp transformation program and push myself to the limit! Boot camp saved me in way, it helped to keep me distracted from the fact that my Family and I had been displaced from our home.

What motivates/inspires you daily? 1st my best friend Jess – she has been with BR since they 1st opened, I watched her continue going to BR through whole pregnancy and that totally motivated me to get started after years of her trying to get me there. But Body Rocker’s for sure are my true inspiration – the transformations I have witnessed are truly incredible, the motivation, determination and support that Body Rockers offer one another is just amazing. knowing there are other people who are/were you were at in a weight loss struggle, or who are where I am at right now with trying to build muscle and knowing there are other mommies out there just like you totally helps to keep m motivated.

How has Body Rock helped you to work towards your goals? There are no words to describe what Body Rock has done for me, I have lost over 80 lbs since the summer of 2015 because Body Rock made a place that I felt comfortable and could continue going to week after week, where everyone is friendly and supportive, where the owners and staff are amazing and encouraging. Where the classes are fun and don’t feel like work. If I didn’t find BR I don’t think I would be where I am today in my fitness journey. The physical goals I have set for myself previously I have reached and that wouldn’t have been possible without Body Rock. I have set new goals that I am sure I will be able to achieve in the next year – because *I am a Body Rocker* and Body Rockers don’t give up!~

Words of advice for someone who may be thinking about joining Body Rock? my best advise would be don’t think about it just do it! I promise once you enter and feel the energy, you will see for yourself how body rock is a home, we are family – everyone is there for the same purpose full of support and encouragement. I will admit when I 1st joined BR I used to look at the competitors and think ” that will never be me” “I could never look like that” – but it also helped to push me…. I wanted to look like that… I didn’t think I could but I knew I had to try – and almost 2 years later here I am ABS and all!!!! So don’t think about it…. just do it…believe in yourself. If I can do it – anyone can!